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Review of Israela

News of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to make headlines all over the world, but what is life really like in Israel for the people who live there? In a recent interview, Atara Orenbouch, a young mother living in an Israeli border town, said that although emergency alarms still go off, the situation has improved. She emphasized however that although the Israeli people in her neighborhood are not being injured physically, they are all injured psychologically and emotionally. 

Orenbouch relives the moment when she had 20 seconds to stop her car and decide which of her two young children to take out of the car and into the shelter with her. And deciding whether to save her baby or her three year old is an example of the gut-wrenching choices many Israelis are forced to make every day.

In a valiant effort to bring both the temerity and heroism of everyday Israeli citizens into the spotlight, Dr. Batya Casper has written a gripping novel called Israela. Casper wrote the book to bring awareness to the agonizing daily struggles that keep Israeli families on a never-ending emotional roller coaster.

Israela sheds light on the centuries old conflict through the lives of three women in Israel whose daily struggles and moral dilemmas give rare insight into Israeli history and culture. It is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Although Israela gives readers an excellent opportunity to learn more about Israeli history and to experience the beauty and tradition of Israeli culture, it is also about humanity—sisterhood, loyalty, longing for acceptance, and survival.

Casper’s unique perspective has helped her paint a truly authentic picture of the tense daily lives of the Israeli people.
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Response from Frieda

Dear Batya: It was with great interest and pleasure that I read and finished your amazing book.  With your creative writing and imagery, you have managed to evoke the smells, sounds, suffering and feel of the land and people as if the reader were there.  Your intelligence shines through with the cogent arguments you have… Continue Reading

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