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Arab/Israeli Conflict in Israel


In Israel, Jews and Arabs live side by side on a patch of land no bigger than Rhode Island, a dot on the map surrounded by vast, hostile territories. It is a land of opposing agendas, of constant warfare, and of a desperate, excruciatingly sincere search for peace. In my novel, Israela, you’ll grow to understand the Arab/Israeli conflict in that region, the rift that exists between these peoples, and the mammoth effort, the fight for good that it is going to have to take place in order for them to live at peace with their differences. The question is: What will happen if these people don’t fight the good fight?

 I used to consider myself lucky. I never really knew what my values were – beyond, of course, the need to be a good person; not to hurt or kill anyone; because it is only when our values are stretched beyond that line in the sand that we learn what we are willing to fight for. People in Israel are faced with that line in the sand, on a daily basis

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To Be Human

IS IT A STRUGGLE TO BE HUMAN? That comes as a surprise to us. Doesn’t it? – That we have to struggle to maintain our humanity. Think of Jewish and Arab Israelis lathering their bodies in sulfurous mud and bathing, separately, not talking to each other – especially during the violent times – yet side by… Continue Reading

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I HAD ONE OF THOSE EPIPHANY-TYPE MOMENTS It was in 2003, toward the end of the second intifada, the second Arab uprising, that was launched against Israel. I was at my kitchen table, I remember, watching the sky darken into night. I was thinking of the almost daily bus and train explosions Israel had been… Continue Reading

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