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Response to Bret Stephens’ editorial in the WSJ, Mitt versus Barack on Israel, Tuesday, July, 31.

Dear Mr. Stephens,
I’ve never responded to a newspaper editorial before. I’m writing
today out of a sense of overwhelming gratitude to you and Mitt Romney.
Because you are of course right. Years ago, Israel was the “plucky
underdog, the proud member of the Socialist International.” willing to
give its all to build a country in which its people could live in
peace with its neighbors. And you are right again when you publicly
acknowledge  - finally someone, no, not one, two wonderful people
acknowledge – that Israel exports “technology, not tyranny and
terrorism,” that it devotes all its energies that are not dedicated to
defense, to life-enhancing research. May God bless you for that.
Because, though Israelis have by now relinquished their dream of
peace, they have no interest in perpetuating their tiresome Arab
Israel conflict. Nor, strange as this might seem, is Israel (no larger
than Rhode Island) interested in giving away anymore of its territory
for a peace that is never forthcoming. What is wrong with this
generation that rewrites history every five minutes, and that lies to
do so? –  What is wrong with our generation that they so intensely
want to believe the lies, desperate to see the bad in Israel because
it is successful, and the good in a nation of self-professed victims
whose leaders dedicate themselves to failure, to misinforming their
own citizens, to dedicating themselves to an ideology of death and
destruction; leaders who refuse to grow up and make peace?
What do you think? Would Obama like Israel, would he speak nicely to
its President, if Israel was a failure too?

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