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Why now Mr. Dershowitz?

Batya Casper 5:00 PM
to Gatestone periodical  responding to Mr. Dershowitz’ article that negotiations with Iran have failed, and that President Obama must show Iran he means business.
Mr. Dershowitz,
Why do you find it necessary to express this opinion now? Articles that you echo with such confidence here have been written in abundance over the past few months, more no doubt are being penned as we speak. People are growing desperate. Israelis are growing desperate. There is nothing new in your article, Mr. Dershowitz, yet you are right: Iran is accelerating the Middle East conflict to a very real, and very close point of combustion, and Obama must speak up before it is too late. We are waiting
Batya Casper
The Human Face of Conflict
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Well Said.

Well said! Reader comment on: The “Pro-Palestinians” Submitted by Batya Casper,, Aug 28, 2012 22:29 Dear Mr. Jarallah, Thank you so much for this article. It needs to be read by people of all sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as of the broader, never-ending, onerous conflict in the Middle East. The Palestinian people need… Continue Reading

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Wonderful article by Daniel Gordis.

Culture Matters, Dr. Erekat Posted by Daniel Gordis in Uncategorized on August 16, 2012 | Leave a comment Before memories of Mitt Romney’s visit to Jerusalem fade for good, it’s worth reviewing once again what was perhaps the most discussed moment of his pilgrimage. “As I come here and I look out over this city… Continue Reading

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Response to article in Tablet Magazine.

Israel is not naive. For sure, despite the rhetoric, the Jewish state has never been Washington’s best buddy, yet, in the past, Israel’s presence in the Middle East did afford a measure of reassurance to US presidents. Not so with Obama. There used to be much said about Israel as the only democracy in the… Continue Reading

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Israel and alliance with Europe?

The EU as our friend? Reader comment on: EU “Upgrades” Relations with Israel, Strangling Strings Attached Submitted by Batya Casper, (United States), Aug 8, 2012 18:27 If we have learned anything at all from the EU’s attitude to Israel, it is that it stands as stubborn and blinkered on the Arab side of the… Continue Reading

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Peace as a last Resort?

Peace as a last resort? Reader comment on: Is a Palestinian State Today Economically Viable? Submitted by Batya Casper (United States), Aug 8, 2012 23:48 In 1979, Anwar El Sadat was hailed a hero by forward-looking Egyptians and Israelis alike, because he saw the writing on the wall. He recognized that Egypt simply couldn’t afford… Continue Reading

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Goat Farm in the Galilee

Ein Kamonin in the Galilee is an Israeli village which is run by one family Peleg has been taking care of the family goat herd for 30 years. Ein Kamonin in the Galilee is an Israeli village which is actually run by one family.  Peleg said they started with goat milk and soon found themselves… Continue Reading

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One of the saddest aspects of the Israel Palestinian conflict, as of the larger Arab Israel conflict, is what it is doing to all of us. However justified we feel in our views, our anger will engender nothing but more anger; our hatred, nothing but irrational behavior. Neither anger nor hatred solve problems. On the… Continue Reading

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