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Abbas works hard to deflect public criticism from his own regime

Abbas and his henchmen create and sustain fictitious stories about Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians to maintain the Arab Israel conflict Reader comment on: The Palestinian Authority’s Policy of Duplicity at the Gatestone Institute

Submitted by Batya Casper,, Sep 28, 2012 13:22

And so Palestinians – and the rest of the world – continue to believe that Israel is the source of all Palestinian suffering. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a manufactured aspect of the more global Arab-Israeli conflict, one that is not limited to the Middle East, for it has designs over the West, too.

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Tyger, tyger burning bright

Tyger, Tyger burning bright… Reader comment on: US and Europe’s “Oneness” Integration Project posted in Gatestone Institute Submitted by Batya Casper,, Sep 27, 2012 11:12 Wonderful article. So far we’ve been dealing with little tigers, with murdering people in embassies, burning of mosques and toppling twin towers, not to mention turning our own blind… Continue Reading

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Response to article in Graystone.The EU’s self interest 

Hezbollah and its stance in the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict. Reader comment on: Kick Me: European Union Backs Iran’s Hezbollah Submitted by Batya Casper,, Sep 25, 2012 17:44 The EU’s self interest with regard to the Hezbollah and other fundamentalist agents of evil is neither new nor surprising. What is surprising is how the rest… Continue Reading

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I decided to post this much earlier response to the news, because I think it stll needs to be said.

Dear Mr. Stephens, I’ve writing in response to your newspaper article out of a sense of overwhelming gratitude to you and Mitt Romney. Because you are of course right. Years ago, Israel was the “pluckyunderdog, the proud member of the Socialist International.”willing to give its all to build a country in which its people could… Continue Reading

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Response to Gatestone

Arab-Israel conflict and the Palestinian agenda of intolerance Reader comment on: The Peace Process: View from the West Bank Submitted by Batya Casper,, Sep 20, 2012 10:58 For sure, we of the West are enlightened. Freedom of speech and the open exchange of ideas are integral to our inalianable liberties. Yet, freedom of ideas… Continue Reading

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More material not included in Israela

 I am Orit’s guiding spirit. I’ve visited her nightly in her dreams, thrusting myself between her mothers and her fears. Slowly I’ve persuaded her to forgive. I hear the man in the hat and the prayer shawl say I can rest now, that my job is done. I don’t want to rest. I want to… Continue Reading

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Israela material not included in the book:

The death of Naama’s brother has followed her. A tree never heals when its limb is ripped away, but she’s learned to invest in the clay pots she bakes in her kiln; in the sweet-smelling lotions on her bathroom shelf, in the copper pot set just so on that out-of-the way windowsill. At any hour… Continue Reading

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