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I thought I’d share these thoughts with you (Books and Writers). Would love to hear your thoughts on the creation of historical characters.

Geoffrey Fox • After reading all (or most of) this discusson about reconciling fiction and history, I’m wondering what others think of Thomas Pynchon’s handling of this issue, in all his novels but I’m thinking especially of Mason & Dixon (though Gravity’s Rainbow also had me digging into the archives to find out the true… Continue Reading

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Israel Bombarded by Rockets, Human Rights Watch Nowhere in Sight by Arsen Ostrovsky November 14, 2012 at 4:45 am Print Send Comment RSS Share While Israel is being bombarded by rockets from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, placing more than one million civilians in danger, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is nowhere in sight. Apparently the human… Continue Reading

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November 11th, 2012

At the Core of the Middle East Conflict? Not Israel. Posted: 10 Nov 2012 07:01 PM PST Evelyn Gordon..JINSA..09 November ’12.. As Syria’s civil war drags on, it is increasingly destabilizing its neighbors. First, hundreds of thousands of refugees poured over their borders; now, violence has as well. Turkey and Syria have repeatedly exchanged deadly… Continue Reading

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