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I wanted to share this beautiful response to Israela.

I just wanted to connect with you long enough to tell you how very much I am enjoying sisters Ratiba, Orit and friend Elisheva.

I must confess that I have found myself anticipating Israela’s lyrical contributions, in that you use her commentaries by way of offering “release” — tension, release, tension, release — much as we do in music. In essence, you gently “poke” your very palpable storyline with the insertion of the completely unexpected poetry of Israela’s compassion as well as her plight. In having done so, Israela’s “truths” become a virtual “whetstone”, on which each character’s keenest beliefs are unwittingly sharpened. Israel’s gentle expression is an absolutely brilliant use of “small symphonies” as inserted into a resolute marching band that has been afforded no rest for centuries. For, most unexpectedly, those “small symphonies” can in fact be heard.

In other words, Batya, I’m loving it!

Jennifer Walker
San Francisco

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