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Today Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. He made his intentions crystal clear: death to the mullahs.

I don’t understand why everybody keeps pretending that the UN is anything except a giant mental asylum. Here’s part of Netanyahu’s speech.

Last month, [Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah] Khamenei once again made his genocidal intentions clear before Iran’s top clerical body, the Assembly of Experts. He spoke about Israel, home to over six million Jews.
 He pledged, “There will be no Israel in 25 years.”

This was the reaction from listeners.

Last night I had a two-hour telephone conversation with a man who has very close connections to Arab political leaders. We discussed my posts debunking the lies about the Saudi-led Coalition fighting in Yemen. This man’s field of knowledge is geopolitics and history. He hasn’t studied military issues the way I have.

“You turned my world upside down,” he said at the end of the conversation. “I had no idea that the Arab League had created such effective and skilled military units.”

Guess what? The mullahs have no idea either. But they’re going to find out.

Since I began writing about Yemen, I’ve spoken online with lots of Yemenis, Saudis, and Emiratis. Many of the Yemenis tell me that in English, they prefer to use the word “Persian” rather than “Iranian,” since the Islamic Republic of Iran is a fascist, imperialist government that has nothing to do with the average person living in the former Persia.

As an American, I’ll stick to using the word “Iranian” for now, just in the interest of clarity.

The Iranian mullahs, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and the Iranian Quds Force have nothing but contempt for Arabs and Jews. It’s a supremacist mindset. Because the mullahs and their lackeys don’t respect Arabs and Jews, the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah military apparatus is completely unprepared for a major conflict with warriors who are without question some of the finest on the planet.

Those who imagine themselves to be superior by virtue of their genes are always–always—delusional. The Nazis considered Slavs to be subhuman. Well, how the hell did this happen, then?

Slavs raising the flag of the Soviet Union over the Reichstag in Berlin, May 2, 1945.

Since I began defending Israel and Jews, the most vicious, hate-filled mutants in existence have contacted me. They say, “Hitler was right!”

It’s so bizarre that they leave out the HITLER WAS UTTERLY DEFEATED part. Germany was so thoroughly pounded into dust that the culture never recovered. Germans vacillate between operatic guilt and resentment. Here’s an actual German joke told to me by a German.

Q: What’s the difference between a German stand-up comedian and the bombing of Dresden?

A: The bombing of Dresden can make you laugh.

I don’t laugh at the bombing of Dresden, but I also tell the truth about it. Dresden was a legitimate military target. It was a major transportation hub and a center for industries vital to the German war effort. However, the bombing of Dresden has been transformed into an Allied war crime. About 25,000 people were killed. The Nazi bombing of London from September 7, 1940, to May 21, 1941, killed about 43,000 people. Why isn’t that a war crime?

We’re supposed to blubber about Dresden but not London. I figured out why.

When someone loses a war, they become the victims, and everything done to them was therefore a war crime. The formerly Great Britain has fallen for this nonsense and has spent the past seventy-five years committing slow national suicide in atonement for defeating Nazism. To a lesser extent, we Americans suffer from the same addled thinking. Did you ever see this?

Actually that pilot was a woman, Captain Kim Campbell.

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